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Napa Winery Bus Tour

There is something about wine that seems to tap into every woman’s body and soothe their soul. Wine makes every woman feel sexy. Like Beyoncé sexy. Like, I am telling all of Victoria’s Secrets sexy. Wine is Bae. Wine sometimes replaces bae. When you’re holding that delicate curvy glass slightly in the air with your… Read More Napa Winery Bus Tour

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Beauty Favorites July 2017

Just like any other girl who adores strolling through Sephora, MAC, and Ulta for hours, I admire the colors, packaging, and quality of each product. I mean, who doesn’t love designer makeup! LOL! Of course, after watching YouTube gurus half the night, I always seem to end up at Sephora collecting samples while at the mall.… Read More Beauty Favorites July 2017

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Where Is He?

You know Charlotte… I’m with you on this girl! Where is he?? This dating game is exhausting. Who would have thought finding love would be just this difficult?  What happened to just bumping into that great guy and falling in love? I guess when you are going through your early 20s you really don’t think… Read More Where Is He?